Virtual Private Servers (VPS)

Key Features :

  • Tire 4 data center
  • Choice of your operation system
  • Multiple location to host your VPS
  • 99.9% uptime with dedicated 24/7 technical support


Rs 1044/mo

1.2 Ghz CPU

10 GB Storage

1 TB Bandwidth

376 MB Memory

1 Public IP Address

Free Inbound Bandwidth

Choice of Operating Systems


Rs 2030/mo

2.4 Ghz CPU

20 GB Storage

2 TB Bandwidth

752 MB Memory

1 Public IP Address

Free Inbound Bandwidth

Choice of Operating Systems


Rs 3132/mo

3.6 Ghz CPU

30 GB Storage

3 TB Bandwidth

1128 MB Memory

1 Public IP Address

Free Inbound Bandwidth

Choice of Operating Systems


Rs 4176/mo

4.8 Ghz CPU

40 GB Storage

4 TB Bandwidth

1504 MB Memory

1 Public IP Address

Free Inbound Bandwidth

Choice of Operating Systems

Virtual Private Servers (VPS)

VPS Server or Virtual private server, also known as Virtual Private Server or Virtual Dedicated Server (VDS) is a way to partition the physical server into multiple small virtual servers, they are isolated from each other and function as full dedicated server, you get full root access to your VPS hosting account

Our VPS hosting is very reliable and scalable, you can increase or decrease resources any time you require, and you control that you’d expect on a conventional dedicated hosting service at just a fraction of cost, virtual private server is good option for you to save cost and achieve greater throughput

You get vps hosting with low cost while getting same flexibility and control as on dedicated server, our virtual server plans are designed to meet all your requirements. Send us your requirements and we will design a custom plan for you Contact Us

On Demand Scaling Multiple Locations 100+ OS Templates
mailbox Scaling your VPS server is very easy with us, you need more memory, more CPU power or storage with our VPS hosting you can scale up or down whenever required subdomains We have multiple hosting location for VPS, you can select from various location for your VPS server, with HostingZeal you can host your VPS in USA, Asia, Europe, Australia, and South America oneclick OS installation is made easy with our image templates, you can select from 100+ OS images (templates), select different versions of Linux or Windows platforms, pre made OS templates can be install in just one click
Faster Storage Fantastic Support Full Server Control
wp blog We use enterprise storage disks with raid10 for redundancy which results faster seek time and better performance of the disks, this also help you taking snapshots or rsync backup as and when required cpanel Our support engineers are there to provide you support 24x7x365 days a year, you can contact support via live chat or phone, our engineers are expert on this domain and you will get the support when you really need it cluster VPS hosting is just like dedicated server hosting wherein you get full control on your VPS server, you can install whatever softwares are required to run your application

Dedicated Server

If you think you need dedicated server instead of VPS server, please visit our dedicated server page, HostingZeal provide multiple dedicated hosting plans to fulfill your requirements

Our dedicated servers are built from enterprise grade hardware which allows you faster access without any downtime, you get what you need with us

Checkout Dedicated Hosting

Shared Web Hosting

Our shared web hosting let you get started with your your website while lowering your total cost, web hosting is great way to start with and when you traffic grows you can select VPS hosting or dedicated hosting

There are various plans available to coose from, starting from very basic to enterprise web hosting, you can enjoy unlimited bandwidth with all hosting plans

Visit Shared Hosting

SSL Certificates

SSL certificate is required if you are hosting a ecommerce web site, or has a login feature within your site, it provides you encryption of your senstive information like user's password

We provide multi brand SSL certificates, you can get SSL certificates of GeoTrust, Comodo, Thawte, RapidSSL, and Verisign at one place

See SSL Certificates


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